For more information about the industries we service, please read the sections below. If you have further questions feel free to contact us.


Depending upon your application, screw and driven pile foundations are a viable option for oil and gas projects.  Combining our experienced management team with our engineering capabilities, diverse fleet of equipment and veteran installers has enabled Roterra to continually deliver foundation solutions.  Oil and gas applications include: pipelines, SAGD pads, tanks, separators, and compressor stations to name a few.  For applications where noise or vibration are a concern we can offer drilled or CFA piling that can be economical with access to concrete.


Transmission and distribution structures face a unique challenge in that they typically cover long distances with diverse geotechnical conditions.  Furthermore, large uplift and lateral loads are present that complicate the foundation design.  Roterra offers customized foundation solutions for this application with a variety of alternatives to provide an economical and efficient solution.  Transmission and distribution applications include: guyed and self-supported transmission towers, lattice towers, monopoles, h-frames, and telecommunication towers. 


Commercial and industrial buildings require a foundation that is both economical and fast.  Depending on soil profiles, Roterra offers cast-in-place foundations as well as CFA and screw pile alternatives.  Roterra completes the engineering in house and can help determine the foundation solution that will have the least amount of installation issues and be most economical for the load profiles and soil present on site.