Roterra designs engineers sells and installs brackets and pile caps of various size and shape to transition from the pile to a superstructure.  We support the fabrication with a team of in-house geotechnical and structural engineers.  We utilize, 3D AutoCAD, CNC mills, high capacity presses, pipe profilers, welders, bandsaws, and other equipment to produce hundreds of piles everyday.  A few examples of pile cap and connection options are provided below for reference.



1-2  x 12  x 12  cap plate with 4 x 3-4
1 7-8 x 3 1-4 c-w deck post saddle.tif
2 7-8 x 3 1-4 c-w 15-16 hole 1-2 x 8 rou
2 7-8  x 3 1-4  cw 3-8 x 8 x 8 cap 1 bol