Business Development Manager

Acheson, AB T7X, Canada

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The Business Development Manager is a key role within Roterra. As the primary customer facing employee, the role of the Business Development Manager is to welcome new clients to work with Roterra and manage trusting relationships with our existing clients. The successful candidate will report directly to the General Manager and will have the key responsibilities.

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Representation of Roterra:

  • Use our core values as guidelines for attracting client to use Roterra

  • Offer sustainable solutions to clients based on available manpower and equipment

  • Under promise and over deliver, wowing our clients

  • We keep the workflow moving and meet client deadlines

Brand Awareness

  • Facilitate a top tier image in the marketplace

  • Participate in lean advertising, online presence and clear branding

  • Book lunch & learns and product knowledge sessions at Engineering firms (performed by others)

  • Build relationships with key construction corporations

Outbound & Inbound Calls

  • Keep in contact with client on a monthly basis.

  • Reach out to at least 50 new clients per week, rotating through different market segments

  • Promptly answer and respond to potential clients within directed timelines

  • Present estimates in timely manner, 2 or 3 days prior to deadlines

  • Follow up on every quote or bid, give feedback to Ops, Finance and Management


  • Submit bids well before close date and ensure receipt with a phone call

  • Use standardized templates for submittals that clients understand

  • Record proposals won and archive those that aren’t with notes, track the close ratio

  • Engage Engineering department when technical clarifications are required by client

  • Follow up prior to bid award and 2 weeks after, gather information to win future bids

Hand-Off to Project Managers

  • Define the scope of work clearly with mutual agreement

  • Highlight any unusual or important features of the project

  • Include shop drawings with pile specifications in the hand-off package that Operations receives

  • Communicate the timeline to the client and transfer client’s trust to the Project Manager


  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization and the market it operates within.

  • Create a strong combination of high accountability and psychological safety within estimating.

  • Create a consistent and reliable flow of projects to Estimating and Operations

  • Tee up 5 Lunch & Learns for GM or Engineering Manager to present


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or commerce

  • Preference will be given to professional members of APEGA

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite

  • Two or more years of deep foundation experience is preferred.


  • Maintain confidentiality when dealing with highly sensitive financial information

  • Strong business morals and ethics

  • Excellent communication skills (written and spoken)

  • Demonstrated Sales skills including Outbound calling

  • Experience in piling sub-trade and general knowledge of the construction industry

  • Organized and efficient planning of multiple tasks while maintaining deadlines

  • Strong team player and teambuilding skills

About the Company

Roterra is a turn-key foundation solutions provider with focus on four main technologies: helical screw, bored cast-inplace, driven, and continuous flight auger piling along with excavation support (shoring). We offer engineering and fabrication solutions with a focus on providing end-to-end service. We service all markets and all project sizes pride ourselves on providing industry-leading customer experience.