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Ideal for almost any application, helical piles (or screw piles as they often are called) can be quickly installed with little impact on immediate surroundings. Upgrades to live facilities can be made safely and in a timely manner. As with driven piles, helical piles can be cut, capped, and used without delay, and without a nearby source of concrete. If the time comes, helical piles can be easily removed for reuse or recycling, assisting customers with addressing environmental concerns, and drastically reducing remediation costs.

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Roterra Piling has experience with over 1,000,000 helical piles manufactured - our industry leading helical pile is complimented with one of the largest, and most diverse fleets of installation equipment in North America - with electronic torque monitoring. 


  • Economical alternative compared to traditional deep foundation techniques

  • Quickest method of piling installation when properly designed and installed

  • Load can be applied immediately after installation

  • Minimal environmental impact

  • Minimal noise and vibration

  • Removable and reusable

  • Versatile foundation system: pile groupings and/or battered install offers limitless possiblities

  • Year round installation

  • Soil strength feedback and confirmation during installation

  • No drill spoils and no requirement for concrete

  • Extensions can be applied to increase length and capacity


  • Difficult penetrating very hard bearing layers

  • Installation through strata that may damage helixes can cause issues (i.e. rocky soil layers)

  • Lowest pile capacity for single piles of major piling types

  • Manufacturing lead time is required for projects


The recent innovation of large hydraulic drive heads over the past 20 years has slowly allowed helical piles consideration as a viable deep foundation solution. Helical piles are installed by pinning the top of the pile to a hydraulically powered drive head and rotating the pile into the ground until the helical plate(s) are installed to the desired depth and a satisfactory installation torque is achieved. Helical piles are the quickest pile to install and were initially embraced by Oil and Gas owners due to their speed and cost in remote locations. The engineering and fabrication behind the product has advanced its applications to commercial, institutional and industrial applications.


  • Screw Piles 

  • Screw Anchors 

  • Helical Foundations 

  • Helical Piers

  • Screw Anchors

  • Helical Anchors

  • Helical Pilings

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