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Roterra Piling's Mission is to improve the construction process and enrich our customer's build process by providing the market with an organization that is able to design, engineer and install the most cost effective and easily constructed foundation solution economically for any project. We call this A Name You Can Build On



Our vision is to be the company that best understands and delivers foundation solutions. 

Core Values 

  • We pursue excellence by constantly raising the bar. 

  • We have passion and enthusiasm - for our roles, the company and our relationships. 

  • We are experts that continually grow 

  • We do the right thing 

  • We are team players 

Core Purpose

To build better 


Our Focus

Safety: work safe to enjoy life. 
Integrity: Be real. Be honest. 
Quality: a name you can build on 
Operational efficiency: do more with less 
Accountability: If it is to be, it’s up to me. 

Family: Take care of our people. Take care of our customers. 

The Environment 

Roterra considers Environmental Protection to be an important and integral part of conducting business.  

Our company' Environmental Policy is to: 

  • Minimize hazards to public health 

  • Protect the environment from adverse effects of construction operations 

  • Comply with all legislated standards and regulations 

  • Assess potential environmental hazards 

  • Evaluate and monitor environmental performance to applicable standards 

  • Work with industry, government and workers to maintain environmental awareness 

  • Maintain effective reporting to the directors

As part of protecting the environment, employees are educated regarding issues such as Ground Disturbance and Spill Procedures. 

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