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FAQ's - Roterra Piling has the answers to any of your questions.


Why Roterra?

Roterra offers all major foundation solutions backed by a team with over one thousand years of piling experience.  We are a progressive service provider that actively adopts technological innovation to offer the ultimate value in turnkey piling services for any application - all with a collaborative approach.  


Who is Roterra?

Roterra is a family-owned and operated private corporation that started in 1992 when our group of companies was founded. We have locations in Canada and the USA and offer turnkey deep foundation solutions for all industries and applications.  


What services does Roterra provide?

Roterra provides turnkey services for foundation projects. We provide engineering feasibility and design services, static and dynamic load testing, soil investigation, surveying, pile fabrication and installation, superstructure design and installation, metal manufacturing and machining, and project management.


How do I know what pile type to use for my project?

The easy answer is to contact Roterra.  We can analyze your project information and provide you with the pros and cons of each type of foundation as well as pricing for each option. From there we are able to provide your project with stamped foundation drawings, pile supervision, inspection and schedules, and actual pile installation.  We are willing and able to offer any part of the value chain for projects. 


What is a helical pile?

A helical pile is made of a pipe shaft, typically round or square, with one or more steel helices welded onto the bottom of the pipe shaft. Helical piles are installed with a hydraulic drive head or drive motor.  A hydraulic drive motor is attached to a piece of equipment (skid-steer, boom truck, excavator, etc.) and is connected to the pile with tooling that may include drive pins. This drive motor rotates the pile and the downward pitch of the helical plate pulls the pile into the ground along with the crowd from the operated rig. 


What is a driven pile?

A driven pile is the oldest type of deep foundation in existence. Roterra primarily utilizes steel h-pile and steel pipe piles. Driven pile types also include precast concrete, pre-stressed concrete, timber piles and compacted concrete piles. Driven piles are driven, pushed or otherwise installed into the ground with hydraulic or driven powered hammers attached to various carrier machines. 


What are a drilled shaft, CIP, and Bored pile?

These names refer to more or less the same technology that involves excavating soil and filling the void with concrete reinforced with steel.  This traditional type of pile can be a straight shaft or belled depending on the soil conditions and the design. This type of pile can be enlarged or “belled” at the bottom to increase end-bearing resistance and this is accomplished with specialized tooling.


What is an Augercast or Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) pile?

A continuous flight pile is an innovative concrete pile that is reinforced by steel. This type of piling is much quicker than a traditional bored pile and does not require casing in weak soil areas.


A CFA pile is formed by drilling with a continuous auger into the ground to the pile design depth. The auger is slowly removed while concrete is pumped into the ground simultaneously.  Reinforcement is placed into the concrete.

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