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ROTERRA PILING offers a wide range of engineering consultative services focused on the geotechnical and structural disciplines. Our services include:

  • Pile feasibility analysis

  • Grade-beam and superstructure design

  • Pile cap and/or grillage design

  • Strain gauge instrumentation and monitoring during pile installation

  • Cost-benefit analysis of all piling alternatives

  • Geotechnical investigation

  • Pile installation and drive-ability analysis

  • Pile failure simulation (install-ability and capacity)

  • Load testing (both static and dynamic to ASTM standards)

  • Pile supervision or monitoring

  • Sealed engineer pile and cap design

  • Engineering schedules for foundation. 

Roterra Piling uses in-house engineering and testing to collaborate with our customers on the front end of the project to mitigate risk and manage costs to minimize the frequency of unexpected costly delays during construction. 

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