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Roterra Piling offers shoring solutions to support deep excavations and/or slope retention. Shoring (or retaining walls) can be provided in both continuous (i.e. sheet piles, secant piles) and discontinuous (i.e. soldier pile and lagging) types. Discontinuous walls are built by installing soldier piles prior to excavating. In a top-down approach, lagging is installed with staged excavation between the soldier piles to support the earth.


  • Enhanced safety 

  • Reduced costs 

  • Creates a safety net for workers

  • Used to withstand the structure's weight


  • Secant Piles - Secant piles are installed as retaining structures and support systems for deep foundations. Secant pile walls are formed by constructing intersecting reinforced concrete piles. They are reinforced by either steel rebar or steel beams and are installed in most cases through either drilling or augering.

  • Sheet Piles - Sheet pile shoring is done by driving prefabricated sections of sheet pile into the ground. Sheet pile walls are used to support excavations for various different foundations with the most popular being basements and underground parking lots.   


  • Soldier Pile - Soldier piles are vertically driven and or drilled into the ground. Soldier piles are steel piles that are "H" shaped and installed at regular intervals along the excavation perimeter.

  • Lagging - Lagging walls are a wood structure that is placed behind the front piles while excavation continues. Both lagging walls and soldier piles can be used in various different building plans. 

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